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Planning for a Startup - Why not Search Engine Script?

We live in a technology world where everything has sped up and no dull moments. In this new age, we are left with no choice but to grow with this new technology and a similar fact is being applied with the business too. Every business is upgrading itself to these technologies and exploring their business, with that startups nowadays are also involved in this race. We are so addicted to technology that the moment technology takes a break or slows down, we feel to scream and hit the machine as we are totally being controlled by them. Every day billions of searches are being made on a different search engine and the owner of this search engines are earning huge. This what made search engine script to come in a picture. Startup with such search engine scripts will be really successful.


Let’s first go through the two most successful search engine clones to understand the search engine script in a better way.


Google Clone

Google, a search engine to find a wide variety of information such as websites, pictures, maps, actors, quotes, poetry and what not. Every single thing you can imagine of can be found on Google, even the answers of a crossword clue or tossing of a coin can be searched on google. We can even say that Google is God for us. Do you know the fact that every day 3.5 billion searches are made over Google and 1.2 trillion every year? And the net worth of Google is $22 billion. So having a startup with search engine script like Google Clone can be a good move for a startup.


There is an alarming increase in the rate over the use of the internet, as per the analysis and report, the number of users has reached 3 billion. Approximately 90% of the world’s population opt for a search engine for every small detail they are looking for, and so this way your Google clone can help you to achieve huge success with very fewer efforts. It can be said as your smartest move to launch your own search engine script like Google clone. You can even customise your google clone as per your requirements.


Shopzilla Clone

Talking about Shopzilla, it a shopping search engine specially for online shopping brands that makes the search easy for all the shoppers to discover, review and buy the goods online. By reaching the global audience of more than 40 million, Shopzilla made all these shoppers to reach their destination websites. Also, the Shopzilla connects shoppers to over 100 million products from different 10 thousand retailers every month. It has a network of more than $5.4 million. So if are in a plan for a specific search engine script then Shopzilla Clone will prove beneficial to you. Shopzilla Clone helps to create your own customized clone script like Shopzilla.


Let’s get through some of the features of Shopzilla clone for better understanding.

● Offering unlimited products and unlimited categories.

● Payment system - Pay per click.

● Secure payment gateway.

● Enables storage ratings.

● Easy management.

● Easy finding option.

● Enables store ratings.

● Enables customer reviews.

● Comparison feature for different products

● Preparation of product data feed.

● Manage cookies and history.



This was all a short brief about search engine script like Google clone script and Shopzilla clone script. With this fast going advancement in every field due to technology, your startup will climb the step of success in a short period. At NCrypted Websites, you can get the ingenious clone scripts as per your requirements. This software developing company has a team of dedicated professionals who develop your clone script keeping the targeted audience in mind. Yet looking for more information, contact NCryped Websites.

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