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Main Features of Medical Software


Main Features of Medical Software

The concept of automation is touching each field of human betterment services. Whether it is food, car rides or even medical services. Yes, the medical field is not untouched anymore from the automation. The ease of medical software development is bringing the change in each and every aspect of providing various medical and healthcare services. Medical Software Development has plenty of stuff to offer. Some of the main highly focused features are as below.

Online Health Record Management

Manual health record management is complex and clumsy. Dealing with tons of paper especially during the emergency is not at all a good idea. The medical software development can resolve this problem with automation and the patient's health records can be accessed even while the in-house treatment or when operations are going on. It does not only reduce paperwork but also gives quick and analytical access to reports and records for providing better treatment.


Providing e-prescriptions is the smart way of providing medical assistance to the patients. Such a feature is very important when we are talking about providing all health services online. E-Prescriptions are the first and simplest step towards adopting automation for providing medical services with medical software development. Such advanced practices of providing medical services reduce the need for the hand-written prescriptions that should be appreciated for accurate and future-oriented health services.

Appointment Scheduling Facility

The manual way of looking for booking appointments is a frustrating task for everyone. This issue can be simply solved with online appoint booking and scheduling system where the patient can check the available time slots for the appointments and book the appointment for the time that is most convenient to them. On the other hand, the hospitals and clinics can take advantage of medical software development to schedule the appointments from their side.

Emergency Online Assistance

The hospitals or clinics and the patients can stay connected on a system that can provide emergency medical assistance. The patient can explain the health issues that they are facing and the hospitals, doctors or clinics can provide assistance for that particular problem. Such a system is vital for curing issues like allergic reactions, changes in medicine and so on. Load it with additional features like sharing images, media, etc. to allow better communication via your medical software.

Medical Reports & Insurance Management

All the previous medical reports related to the patient's health should be allowed to save in the software. This is how futuristic and whole medical services can be offered with your medical software. Such a module should be capable enough to save the insurance records as well. Both, the medical and insurance records can be used to provide the exact treatment by taking the reference of previous health records and claiming insurance on the basis of given treatment.


Medical software development needs accuracy in development because of its sensitiveness. Not everyone can build a medical software as it requires a quality experience. NCrypted Technologies is loaded with such experience and is capable enough to build complex and crucial medical software as per your needs. If you are looking for a custom software development for healthcare, NCrypted Technologies is the right place to look at. Providing quality and advanced technical assistance is the mantra of NCrypted Technologies.

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